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Dreams Come True by Anne NC-17 (1/3)

TITLE: Dreams come true



PAIRING: Buffy/Giles

FEEDBACK: Oh yes please!

E-MAIL: bookmangal@yahoo.fr

SUMMARY: Well… London; Rain; Rayne; flu; Buffy and Dawn; Ripper's past, love; sex; marry me; Derek, I love English guys.

DISTRIBUTION: GRB; VSS. The BG Zone; WatcherGirls; GilesNaughty; BG fanfic-adult; The Buffy-Giles fan fiction Archive; Watching You, Watching me. Anyone else please ask first.

DISCLAIMER: The characters are the property of Joss Whedon, Mutant Enemy, Sandollar Productions, Kuzui Enterprises, 20th Century Fox Television and the UPN Television Network. The story is written for the pleasure of the author and readers, and has no lucrative purpose whatsoever. Please do not reproduce this story anywhere without the author's consent.

TIMELINE: After "Tabula Rasa."

SPOILERS: I don't think so.

WARNING: *****Warning! Violence; issues of drug use; non consensual sex (well, at first).*****

AUTHOR'S NOTES: It's a Gabi's Challenge : Dreams. Giles has gone back to England. After a while, he starts dreaming about Buffy. What he doesn't know is that he shares these dreams with Buffy. How will they figure it out? What will they do in their dreams until then? How will they react once they realize that they've shared whatever they did? (Could be set now, but also anywhere after Graduation Day.)


< > = thoughts.

******** = beginning and end of a dream.

[ … ] = flash-back


Giles exited the pub, and it began raining heavily. While the passers-by hurriedly opened their umbrellas or took refuge in the shops, he remained immobile on the pavement, his face raised towards the grey sky. He'd returned to London just two weeks prior and still appreciated the rain soaking him to his bones. It rained very little in Sunnydale. He had missed the rain, as the pubs, the Guinness, fish and chips, the Times, the BBC, Saint James Park, Selfridges and Co., London generally and especially the British Museum of which he had become the Curator again. He was so happy to be back in London and so sad to have had to leave Buffy and his friends. But one had needs. A father had to let his children stand on their own two feet and he considered Xander, Anya, Willow, Tara and Dawn as his children. As for Buffy, it was different. This pillock Quentin Travers had made a mistake: Giles did not have a father's love for her. He was in love with her. He had left her too pursue her life without him, because she loved him as if he was her father, and nothing else, to his total despair.

Giles heard Big Ben in the distance, then a voice he immediately recognized saying to him:


"Hello, old mate! It's good to see you."


Giles lowered his head and glanced to Ethan Rayne who was protected by his umbrella.


"What are you doing here Ethan?"


"I live here."


"Hmm! I'm disappointed. It was a pleasure for me knowing you were a prisoner in a small cell of some Initiative detention facility, somewhere in the Nevada desert."


Ethan looked hurt. "Oh, you should know me better, Ripper. I didn't even step foot there. I escaped before we arrived. A small spell, and pop! No Ethan in the military vehicle. Those moronic soldiers underestimated me. I returned to our mother country long ago." Ethan covered Giles with a corner of his umbrella. "I know that you've missed the rain quite a lot, Ripper, but if you remain unprotected in this downpour, you're going to catch a cold."


Giles had a slender ironic smile. "You care about my health? Oh, it's so very kind of you Ethan. Really."


"You're my only friend, Ripper, and I don't like you to be ill. What say you come join me for a drink? We could have a glass of Scotch and then perhaps dinner at my home? That will warm you, and then we can reminisce about the good old days."


"Why not?" He hated being alone.


* * *


Ethan burst out laughing when Giles nose-dived into the still intact apple pie on his plate. All the alcohol he'd drunk before and during dinner had completely anaesthetized him.


"Tea junkie!" Ethan said, amused.


He got up, raised his old mate then bent and made him fall over his shoulder. He crossed the kitchen; the living room then spread Giles on the couch. He slid a pillow under his head, removed his tie, unbuttoned the length of his shirt then took off his shoes. He finally covered him up to his shoulders with a blanket retrieved from the cupboard of his room.


"Sweet dreams, Ripper."


Giles dreamt …





Buffy moved silently into the bathroom of Giles's apartment. Her Watcher was having a shower. She sat on her heels behind the chair on which he had carefully folded his clothes and looked at him. Giles turned his back to her. The muscles of his back were thin, firm, and extremely well developed. Just as she'd imagined they would be. He had both of his hands rested against the tiled wall and his head was tilted down on his chest. His eyes were closed and he was breathing slowly. Buffy wondered if he weren't asleep. She purred with desire following with her glance, the water that cascaded from his head to his feet. He had wide shoulders, muscular arms, and lean thighs, narrow hips, round buttocks and well-built long legs. When he stepped back from the wall and turned half way around, Buffy let out a shout of surprise covered by the noise of the running water. A light mat of curling hair ran from his broad chest in a line downward to disappear in the dark springing hair between his legs where hung the impressive proof of his maleness. Quite impressive!


She felt warmth spreading from her stomach down between her legs and trembled. Giles stopped the water then suddenly perceived Buffy who was standing right by him, her glance glittering with greed and lust.


"Jesus Christ! Buffy!" He exclaimed, rushing to cover his sex with his large hands, an embarrassed flush spreading from his chest, up his neck and over his face. "What the hell are you doing here?"


She approached him a feral grin on her face and caressed the flat stomach, with a circular movement.


"Mmmmmmmm." She purred. "Yummy."


His milky skin was incredibly smooth. She would have liked to caress him until the end of time. She stepped over the edge of the bathtub, stood on tiptoe and smelt his neck before licking then nibbling it. Giles moved back next to the chairs on which were his clothes. Buffy was faster than he. She took them and using her Slayer strength, tore them one after the other.


"You're going to remain naked, Watcher-mine. You're so beautiful, naked, and so perfect. So sexy, so desirable."


He frowned. "Buffy you're not in your normal state. You-you are a victim of a spell … Willow has.... or perhaps Ethan. "


"There's no spell, Giles. I just love you and I just want to make love with you, for hours."




Buffy giggled. "What? Word-Guy can't find the words any more?"


She embraced him and pulled him against her. He had a violent start when he felt Buffy's breasts crashing into his chest and he gave a choked shout when she cupped his buttocks. Buffy rubbed herself against him, sucking his nipples one after the other. She then kissed down the trail of hair to his sex, trailing her hands on down his hips, then on his thighs then towards his almost fully erect, long, thick sex. She encircled it. Giles moaned and when Buffy began stroking him, he closed his eyes and began panting. Buffy saw his penis strain, standing up a little more.


"Mmmm… You're so beautiful, Giles." She stood tiptoe and kissed his mouth, hard, possessive, savagely, and thrust her tongue into his mouth. He could only moan.


He tried to break away, but with a grin Buffy grasped his cock, making it impossible. She began to stroke him again, gently, then, excited she accelerated the rhythm and with her other hand began massing his testicles. Giles, his head on fire, bathed with sweat, began rousing frantically, roaring with both pain and pleasure.


" Aah! Buffy, please stop! You shouldn't do that. I… aaaaoooh I'm your Watcher."


Buffy continued to masturbate Giles with a wicked grin to bring him to the edge of ecstasy. When he was close to orgasm, Buffy released his engorged penis and made him put his hands on her breasts. Giles caressed them through the fabric of her blouse roaring like a wild beast. She unbuttoned it, and made his hands slide on her bra. Giles brushed them, out of breath.


"Yes, you're my Watcher Giles, and you were born and have been raised to serve and to protect me, right?"


"Yes, it's true."


"So-oo, you are at my command, and I can give you orders. Right Watcher-mine?"




"So-oo, I order you to make love to me." She said, rubbing herself against his erection.

He moved back. "Buffy. Don't do that, please. You're, you're like a daughter to me and I... "


She smiled and pressed herself against him as her hands moved lower and cupped his buttocks. "But you' re not a father to me."


She knelt down in the bathtub, took his penis in her hand and swiped her tongue up his hard length.


"Oh dear Lord!" He breathed when she took as much of his member as she could into her mouth. "Aaaaah! Oh God! Oh God!"


Giles closed his eyes, his mind entirely focused on his hard member and the soft lips that were sliding up and down it. That felt soooo good. He was in heaven.


Buffy withdrew, smiling at her Watcher. "I'm not your daughter, Giles. I'm glad you care for me, but I want it to be clear that you're not my father."


Giles nodded. "Yes, you are not my daughter. It's very clear."


"Now, make love to me! That's an order."


"Yes Ma'am."


Buffy removed her clothes in the wink of an eye. They explored each other's body with their hands, and then they kissed each other deeply with passion. They licked, everywhere, and then they hugged tightly wanting to make of themselves only one, a single soul, and a single body.


"You' re more beautiful than I ever imagined." Giles whispered, his hands stroking the skin of her golden shoulders.


"Giles I want you inside me."


"Yes Ma' am."


He took Buffy in his arms, left the bathroom then, and transported her to his bedroom. He spread Buffy on the bed and covered her with his body. He went down a little and, holding his hard penis, put the tip against her clitoris. He began massaging with it, slowly and Buffy was quickly hot and wet. She began panting, sighing, waving. He put his lips on her stomach moistening it with small kisses then licked it. He sucked and nibbled her nipples before stroking the inside of her opened thighs.


"Oh God! Giles, stop teasing me. I can't wait any longer!"


"Yes Ma' am."


Buffy let out a hoarse shout when Giles sank in her with a single thrust. She uttered a long growl, feeling filled, invaded. While Giles let Buffy become accustomed to his thickness inside of her, they kissed each other passionately, wildly.

Buffy suddenly wrapped her legs around Giles' back, imprisoning him between her thighs and she clung to his broad shoulders.


Giles giggled. "I'm not going to go away."


"I'm very possessive. "


Buffy lifted her pelvis rubbing herself against his prick while she closed her eyes and moaned with pure delight. Giles began to thrust in her, gently, moving in and out of her almost completely, with all of his length. Buffy moaned increasingly louder at each thrust. Giles stopped thrusting several times at the edge of an orgasm, wanting to make love to Buffy for as long as possible. Buffy underneath him was enjoying continuous pleasure, his body shaken by her arms and legs moving briskly.


They continued to make love until Giles could hold on no longer. He began penetrating into her faster, stronger, and farther. They moaned and panted together. When he felt Buffy tightened and convulsed around him, he thrust a last time. Feeling his penis stretching her sex, at his maximum he exploded with a hoarse shout before Buffy in turn had a fabulous orgasm.


He withdrew, still hard and made Buffy roll on her side. In this position, he dived into her, massaging her breasts, caressing her hips, her flat stomach and her clammy and muscular thighs. He took her by her hips and began penetrating very fast, beating her pubis each time, making her cry out, with cries of ecstasy. They exploded together this time and remained coupled for a long moment, still shaken by tiny spasms.




Buffy woke up with a start in the middle of the night and raised herself on her elbows, breathless. She was dripping with sweat and her trousers were wet of other things. Her dream was so real that she had come. She got up and went to the bathroom. She quickly undressed then entered the shower stall. Once under the warm water, she closed her eyes and saw one by one all of the images of her oh so erotic dream. Her mind hung on the "love scene." She suddenly felt herself strongly aroused.


She was very disturbed. 1. The idea of making love to Giles made her crazy with desire, while her first reaction should have been beyond " Ewwww! " 2. She loved Giles as if he'd been her father and had never thought of him otherwise, at least not before this night. For the first time she'd seen him as a man. Before that dream, he was her Watcher only, while he was much, much more. She'd been so blind! Had he suffered from it? Certainly. Under his mask of the stuffy British person, he was very sensitive and easily accessible. She had made him suffer again. She swore. Giles was a real saint to have born her all those years. She sighed. She so missed him! Was it because she was in love with him? Her body, especially her sex, said, "yes" to her… As for her mind… She had to stop thinking of him as a Watcher, as a father and her heart would say it to her. Giles was so incredibly handsome and sexy. He was caring and gentle, and smart, and witty, and nice, and loyal and so British, and, and etc. Her mind yelled: "Oh God! Giles! I love you!" She so wanted to tighten him against her, to caress him, to kiss him, to make love to him.


"Giles, I love you … and I lost you!" She shook her head. "No, I didn't lose him. He loves me, I know it; I feel it. But he's never said anything to me because in his mind, for him I've always had the feelings of a girl for her father."


She stepped out of the shower stall and roamed naked up to her bedroom where she donned clean pajamas. She went back to bed, turning towards Giles's picture. She had taken the photo a little bit before his departure for the airport and had placed it in a frame on the bedside table. She felt a pang. She needed him. Wanted him. And for his part, Giles needed her, wanted her. She had to tell him what her feelings for him were and to hear from his mouth that he was in love with her. But not by the telephone, it was too impersonal. She had to go to London. The following morning, she would go to buy two plane tickets for London. Dawn would accompany her.


* * *


Giles woke up with one of the worst hangovers of his life. He went towards the bathroom walking unsteadily, ran the cold water and slid his head under the showerhead. He stayed there, his eyes closed with pain, immobile at the edge of the bathtub until his body was shivering. He dried his hair with a towel and then went to the kitchen. The mixed smells of the breakfast tea, of the omelet, of the sausages, of the roasted bacon and of the mushrooms turned his stomach. Nauseous, he collapsed on a chair, rested his head on the table and closed his eyes again.


"Hangover?" Ethan asked bending towards the Watcher, a mocking smile on his lips.




"You drink too much tea and not enough beer and Scotch, mate. You can't hold your drink anymore."




Ethan returned to watch the cooking of the omelet, of the sausages, of the bacon and of the mushrooms. He continued:


"At least, you slept well. How long has it been since you've slept a whole night and even more?"




"Did you have beautiful dreams?"


Giles raised his head, moaned, put an elbow on the table then rested his head on his palm. Images of his dream came back in memory and if he had been in better shape, he would certainly have had a tremendous erection. He exhaled a long sigh. How many times had he dreamed that Buffy and he made love, and not only under the shower? <Hundreds of times. > How many times had he masturbated himself thinking of her, tightened against him, kissing him, licking him, nibbling him, absolutely everywhere. <So much. >


Ethan offered him a glass of water and a white pill. "Swallow that, it will calm your headache."


Giles complied.


"Do you want to eat something?"


Giles shook his head. "No, nothing. I'm too sick." He got up, swung back and forth, took two steps then fell to his knees on the floor. Far too weak to get up, he chose to slide on his side then he lay on his back. "I'm going to die." He breathed.


Ethan began to slice his roasted bacon. "You won't die, Ripper, and if you want to vomit, go into the bathroom, please."


Giles managed to pull himself up on all fours and drag himself up to his chair. He sat on it and heavily dropped his head on the table.


"I almost died when Buffy died, you know, old mate? I went to her grave, the evening after her funeral - oh the udder moment of my wretched life! - And I opened my veins. I wanted to join her. I so loved her… I so love her. I'm in love with her, Ethan. I'm completely crazy about her. But Xander found me and took me home. He looked after me then he said that I was a coward, that I was a bastard! A bloody pillock!" He smiled and giggled. "I love this boy very much, no, I love this man very much because he's a grown up now. He said that Buffy had asked me to stay for Dawn, that she had already lost her mother and her sister and if I should die, she wouldn't recover from it. I shouldn't abandon her. He finally said that he loved me as if I was his father and he wanted me to attend his marriage. Later I fainted. I had lost quite a lot of blood. Aaaaaaah I have a headache and I'm hot, so warm. I'm burning."


Ethan got half up from his chair and touched Giles's forehead. It was ardent with fever. Giles gave a shudder and his teeth began chattering.


"I think you've caught the flu, Ripper. Go to bed, in the guest room. I'm going to call doctor Hopkins."

Giles raised an eyebrow. "He's still alive? He looked after me when I was Ripper. Ow! Ethan, I don't think I can move." He fell asleep again 10 seconds later and dreamed. Ethan had transported him to the bed of the guest room.




Giles rubbed his cheek against Ethan's hand. His friend who sat next to him at the edge of the bed, smiled.


"Mmmmmmm… Buffy." He purred.


Ethan giggled. "Hey! Ripper, wake up!"


Giles half opened his eyes, perceived Ethan who was grinning at him then closed them. He growled: "Get out of my dream."


"Doctor Hopkins has confirmed. You have the flu mate. You're going to stay here until you feel better."


"Mmmmmmm. Thank you." He fell asleep again.


* * *


Dawn glanced at her big sister curled up on her chair, near the window, soundly asleep. A small roguish smile displayed across her lips.


< She has to be dreaming about Giles. > Dawn thought < Having sex with him. Great! >




Buffy knelt down behind the bushes lining the road leading to the clearing situated at the top of Breaker's woods. A little farther away she could see the campsite of her Watcher: his opened tent, his different belongings arranged around a heap of ashes, but no Giles. Maybe he was by the river cleaning up?


Buffy sat on a big rock from where she had an excellent view of the river… and Bingo! Giles was there, but he wasn't doing the dishes. He was washing himself. He was completely naked.


< Whoa! >


He turned his back to her, spending the washcloth along his long muscular legs. He was powerfully built everywhere, including his round, firm and white buttocks. When he splashed himself to remove the soap off his athlete's body, Buffy began drooling. Giles turned around to take the towel that he had posed on the flower-covered bank. Buffy was strongly aroused. Giles's chest was wide, strong, and hairy. His lower stomach was hairy too and his penis was…


< Oh my! Oh mega WHOA! >


She jumped off the big rock right by Giles who cried out with surprise and fear, moved back, slid on the damp grass and fell over on his behind. His head struck a stone and he passed out.


"Oh no! No! No!" Buffy moaned tapping his cheeks. "Giles! Wake up! Giles! Giles!"


She wrapped him in the towel then lifted him effortlessly in her arms. She carried him to his tent where she laid him on his opened sleeping bag. She searched the backpack, found the first aid kit, soaked a cotton piece with antiseptic and looked for the bump on the base of his skull. Once found, she noticed that he was cut and was lightly bleeding. She cleaned the wound and Giles moaned with pain.


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