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Dreams Come True by Anne NC-17 (2/3)

"Giles, wake up!" Buffy said before lowering her eyes towards his impressive pecker and closing her trembling fingers around its shaft.


"Mmmmmmmmmmmmm." Groaned Giles.


Buffy sat down astride Giles' knees and took a moment to kiss and nibble his thighs before turning her attention to his member, she took it in her right hand while the left one gently massaged his testicles.




She moved the foreskin back several times, with pleasure then she closed her lips around the tip and began to suck. Giles' wood stiffened up and began beating with desire in Buffy's mouth. When she stopped and raised her eyes towards Giles, she noticed that he looked at her, more than stunned.


"Buffy!" He squeaked, embarrassment and shame almost suffocating him. He was scarlet.


"Do I have to say that I love you and that I want you, or is it evident to you how I feel for you?"


He blinked. "You love me?"


"Yes, I love you Giles, and I'm sure that you love me too, and not as if I was your daughter."


Giles smiled. "You're right, I love you, Buffy. You're so beautiful, so strong, and so magnificent. My Buffy."




She began again to masturbate him and he grew thick and long between her hands.


"Aaaaaaaaaaah Buffy…"


She took him in her mouth, swallowed as much of him as she could fit. One hand stroking the remaining shaft while the other fondled his sac at the base. Giles, panting, sweating moved his hands to her head to encourage her movements.


"Oh yes! Buffy, that's good. Jesus, that's wonderful… oh dear Lord! You're amazing!"


He clutched the sleeping bag and tensed his legs in an effort to keep control when she increased the pressure and sped up her fellatio. She stopped when Giles arched and began to tremble.

He was close.

She then took Giles's penis in her hands and brought it slowly to her sex. He watched her doing it, hypnotized. When they contacted, both shivered and pushed at the same time with a brief shout. She guided the fully erect penis into her dripping folds, and sitting down on him, she impaled herself. Buffy let out a cry of pain as if she had received an electric shock to the spinal column. Giles trembled almost ejaculating when he felt this warm sheath tightened around his sex.


"Oh dear Lord!"


Buffy had a violent orgasm as she moved her pelvis so that he reached the heart of her. She began a slow movement up and down, hollowing her back, catching Giles's hips. She began to ride him slowly, conscious of how close he was, but she couldn't hold back for long and soon increased her speed rubbing her hard nipples against his chest. She could see the muscles in Giles's neck tense while he tried to hold his orgasm at bay until she could come with him. She scratched his shoulders, torso, and hips and pushed her nails in his buttocks. Giles took Buffy by her hips, raised her and made her fall on his penis. He did it again several times. Buffy cried out deliriously. He suddenly made Buffy roll over. He pressed the base of his sex to block his urge to explode, covered her with his body and began thrusting into her, slowly, withdrawing almost completely from her channel, pushing himself even farther, filling her vagina. Buffy let out syncopated groans, twisting underneath him, scratching the sleeping bag with her nails.

Feeling the sap rising from his loins, Giles withdrew and made Buffy fall over on her stomach. He caressed the bottom of her back, then the beautiful round and firm buttocks.


"Do you want me to make love to you in this position, Buffy?" He asked with a throaty voice.


"Yes, Giles, please."


She raised her buttocks while Giles was kneeling behind her. Giles thrust in her with all his length. He remained at first immobile so that they could both savour the exciting sensation, then he resumed his rhythm. Buffy sighed, moaned, bit the pillow. She had another orgasm, even more violent which left her frozen and limp. Giles who had not come yet pulled Buffy to him, brutally, going faster, torturing her breasts, scratching her shoulders, roaring like a tiger. He abruptly felt on the verge of explosion and increased his speed even more. A rough spasm threw him against Buffy. They felt both his penis stretching out. Giles' movements became more urgent, erratic and his moans deeper. His hoarse shout, shattering the atmosphere was feral, as he finally released his seed and collapsed exhausted on Buffy's back. She wrapped her arms loosely around his waist and rubbed her cheek against his chest, like a cat.


"Oh Giles, it was … WOW! Great WOW! Mega WOW! Whoa! I'm peachy! Let's make love again!"


She took Giles's left hand, put it on her stomach, bent over him, bit into his neck, scratched his navel then caressed him between his legs. He quickly recovered all of his vigour.


"Mmmmmmmm … Giles." She purred.


"You're insatiable."


"I've Slayer sexual needs." She explained.


He sank into Buffy with a powerful thrust then withdrew immediately to plunge his tongue into her navel. He then raised his tongue up to her neck; passing between her breasts, these he brushed with his fingers. He walked his penis on Buffy's pubis taunting her with a wicked grin. Buffy smiled and caught it with greediness and began caressing it. Giles had a start and shouted when she annoyed the tip with her nails.




"You like teasing me, don't you Giles?"


"Yes I do."


She suddenly shoved Giles, making him fall over on his back then she crawled up his body and covered his face and neck in kisses. She cleaned the penis with a fold of the sleeping bag, taking care of masturbating him to keep his erection in good shape then bent towards the offered sex, which spasmodically contracted with wild desire. She licked it a little, alternating small and big licks then took it in her mouth, nibbling a little then began performing fellatio with great sweetness, a hand massaging his testicles. Giles's breath accelerated and he began trembling when Buffy sucked him.


"Oh God! Ow… aaaaaah It! Ow … Jesus!"


His hands came to caress Buffy's lower back and her buttocks leaning to him. Quickly he was at the edge of explosion and he released a long growl. Buffy took him in her hand and guided it towards her slit, which pounded with desire. She impaled herself again on the rock hard penis. Giles arched, roared and closed his eyes. When Buffy felt him invading her completely she uttered a choked groan and was shaken by a violent orgasm.




Buffy abruptly opened her eyes and glanced around her, quite disorientated. What was she doing on a plane? Where was Giles?


"Dawn, why don't you sleep?" She asked her sister sitting next to her. "You should."


Dawn sighed. "With all the noise you make in your sleep, how do you expect me to sleep?" She grinned. "You dreamt that you made love to Giles, didn't you?"


Buffy blushed violently. "What?"


Dawn smiled widely. "I was sure that you loved him. And I'm sure that he loves you. Are you going to get married?"


"Dawn! Shut up."


* * *


It was ten past midnight when Giles and Ethan met, practically at the same time, in front of the bathroom door.


"After you, old mate." Ethan said, grinning.


He followed Giles into the bathroom and sat down on the edge of the bathtub to wait his turn.


"You could have waited in the corridor." Grumbled Giles hesitating to take his penis out of his pajama pants.


The sorcerer giggled. "What? You don't like when I watch you pissing? Oh Ripper! I've seen you pissing hundreds of time. You forget that we lived together for three wonderful years. We shared all, mate, the bed and the bathroom and sometimes the girls. We even took our showers together to avoid wasting water. "He laughed. "It's a miracle that we didn't become gays."




"When Giles moved back from the toilet, he stumbled and Ethan had just time to catch him before he collapsed. Supporting him up to his room he helped him go back to bed.


"You need to rest, Ripper."


"Yes mummy." Giles growled out. He then released a sigh. "I'm not sleepy any more." < Especially having a dream so … As Buffy would say, Wow! It's really a pity it was only a dream and not reality, old boy! > "Give me a book Ethan, I'm going to read until I manage to fall asleep again. Not a book of magic, you indeed have to have that? A novel, or even a magazine or a newspaper, I could even read The Sun!"


Ethan grinned. "I have much better than that."


He left the guest room for 2 minutes then returned, holding not a book or a newspaper but an old teddy bear.


Giles immediately recognized it. "Eh! it's Russell!" He exclaimed, before smiling broadly, very happy. "Where did you find him?"


"In a box in my cupboard, among other things belonging to Ripper, like a leather jacket, a knife, old Doc Martens… a revolver, "The Journal of Ripper" last entry on the 9th of October 1979, etc. You could take them when you'll return to your home. So! Do you want Russell?"


"If I touch him, Ethan, I'm immediately going to fall asleep and I shall not wake up for 12 hours."


Ethan nodded and held Russell out to Giles. "Doctor Hopkins has prescribed that you rest, old mate. You have to sleep to be cured."


Giles took the teddy bear and subsided, sleeping soundly.


"Sleep well, Ripper."


* * *


Ethan woke up when he heard the bell of the front door ringing. He frowned. <Who could it be? >


He groused as it wasn't quite morning, when he perceived Buffy in front of him, a bag at her feet, accompanied by her sister Dawn.


"Hi Ethan. Nice pajamas! Can we come in? It's freezing! We're California girls, remember?"


Ethan grinned. "If you promise not to hurt me, yes, you can come in. So?"


"Okay, I promise."


"Welcome to my home."


The two Summers sisters entered the hall.


"Dawn, here is the infamous Ethan Rayne, Giles' old mate and Nemesis at the same time. I've already spoken to you about him."


"Oh! It's him!" Dawn said. She kicked at Ethan's shin. He let out a small shout of pain. "You made Giles suffer!"


Buffy giggled. "I promised not to hurt you, my sister didn't! Hurting Ethan Rayne must be hereditary. Is Giles here? We went to his home, but he wasn't there."


Ethan carefully moved back from Dawn. "Yes, Ripper's here. He caught the flu and I put him in bed. I look after him."


"Since when did you become kind and helpful, Ethan? Would that stay in prison have changed you?"


He chuckled. "I have never put a single foot in prison, Buffy. I'm a great sorcerer. I cast a small spell, and pouf! No more Ethan in the military vehicle."


"Can we see Giles?" Dawn asked.


"Naturally, follow me."


Dawn and Buffy followed Ethan upstairs. Buffy was oppressed by an overwhelming and irresistible urge to caress Giles, to kiss him, to lick him, to make love to him. The more than erotic dream that she had had in the plane had left her totally and strongly aroused.




Buffy and Dawn opened their eyes wide with surprise discovering Giles, curled up in the middle of the bed, pale and sweaty, snoring lightly, tightening against him an old teddy bear.


"Whoa!" Dawn exclaimed. She giggled, derisive then she laughed. "He! Giles sleeps with a teddy bear! Oh big little boy!"


"It's not any teddy bear." Ethan said to her. "His name is Russell. And he's cursed."


Buffy raised her eyebrows. "Cursed? How so?"


"When Rupert was a small boy, he couldn't manage to sleep at night. His mother bought him a teddy bear and has him cursed. As soon as Rupert touched him, he slept 12 hours, continuously. I found Russell some days ago, cleaning my cupboard. Ripper had left him in a box with some of his belongings. I gave it to him so that he would sleep."


Dawn yawned and rubbed her eyes. She hadn't managed to sleep since their departure from Sunnydale, too excited at the idea of seeing Giles again and of course going to London.


"You're tired, Dawn." Buffy noticed. " Ethan, do you have a bed for my sister except yours?"


"No, but the couch is comfortable."


Dawn climbed on the bed and slipped under the blanket. She snuggled up to Giles and took Russell from him. "I shall be very well here." She said and she closed her eyes.


Buffy kissed her little sister on her forehead then was unable to resist the temptation to kiss Giles on his lips.


"I suppose that you're hungry?" Ethan asked. "I'm going to prepare breakfast. In the meantime, you can tour the apartment, or stay here and kiss Ripper."


"I'll stay here."


"I was sure of it. I'll call you when breakfast is ready."


When Ethan had left, Buffy lay close to Giles and caressed his relaxed somehow younger face with the back of her hand. He was so pale and hot. Poor Giles.


"I love you Rupert Giles. Never again will I let you leave."


"Buffy! " Called Ethan.


She joined him in the kitchen one moment later and sat down when he offered her a chair.


"Thank you, Ethan. You know you should be kind more often. It must be possible?" "Maybe." Ethan said with a mischievous smile. He gave her a plate filled with an omelet, some roasted bacon, half tomatoes, two sausages, some mushrooms and three pieces of toast. "If you're still hungry having swallowed that, there are beans with tomato sauce."


Buffy grimaced. "You don't have anything more light to eat? Like cereal with a little milk?"


Ethan shook his head. "In London, do as the Londoners. I hope that you like Breakfast tea?"


"You know," taking in her surroundings, "it's very beautiful, here." She observed. "You have very good taste, Ethan, and good taste is expensive."


"I'm rich."


"I always suspected as much. Then why, when you come to Sunnydale, do you sleep in rotten motels? You could have a suite in a big hotel."


"My clients like the discretion of motels." He grinned and added: "And I'm also rather stingy."


"I see. So, Ripper and you lived here when you were young?"


"No, we had a small apartment in the East End, over a pub. Ripper spent his days there, to drink beer, to play pool and to dredge the beautiful girls of the district. No, this apartment belonged to my sister. When she died I moved here to … still be near her, in some sorts." Tears rose in his eyes and he had to make a formidable effort not to cry. "Do you want some tea?"


"Huh? Yes, thank you."


Ethan controlled himself then poured a little tea into the cup, which was in front of Buffy.


"Giles has never told me how he'd met you. He speaks only very rarely about his Ripper Days."


"Of course. He would like it if he could erase them from his memory altogether so they wouldn't weigh on his conscience."


"Was he so bad?"


Ethan shook his head. "At the beginning, he was just a tough guy. Then, when he returned from Hell, he became evil."


Buffy was bewildered. "What? He was in Hell? You mean that he has already died once?"


Ethan nodded his head. "Yes, he did. He'd had a motorcycle accident and he died after his arrival to St. Thomas hospital, oh! Just for one or two minutes, and then the doctors managed to revive him. But for this brief lapse of time, he went to Hell, where he was tortured physically and mentally by demons for more than two centuries. I'm sure you know that time passes by much more slowly in Hell; one second represents 10 years on Earth. He chose, so that the demons would stop making him suffer horribly, non-stop, to become as them, letting his "dark side" completely dominate his mind. He became a monster, Buffy. The demons then left him in peace and even accepted him among them, as one of theirs. He did horrible things… He's never said what, but I can imagine them."


Buffy remembered the sad, haunted face on Giles when she'd spoken to him about Hell after Angel returned. She understood now why he'd reacted in this manor. He'd gone there too.


Ethan continued: "He came back and he wasn't the same anymore. In his head, he wasn't Human anymore. When Ripper said to me that he wanted to burn London and make his slaves of its inhabitants thanks to the black magic, I immediately contacted the Council and told them what he intended to do so they'd prevent him from doing it. They arrested him and made him undergo a brainwashing; the Council's doctors reconditioned him. They used drugs and hypnosis so that he became again the sweet, kind and polished Rupert he was before he met me and began black magic… But they didn't manage to erase Ripper, just put him to sleep. He's still there, in Giles's mind, somewhere. It's he who's tried to kill me more than once, to punish me for having sent him to the Council."


"That's why Giles hates you?"


"Not Giles, Ripper." Ethan smiled. "Fortunately for me, Rupert interrupted him every time before he killed me."


"How did you meet him?"


"Well, the story begins on Blackfriars Bridge. I was riding my motorcycle when I saw a young man about my age on the pavement, hurt in the stomach. Four people in tweed pursued him. He ran at top speed losing blood. I believed the four men in tweed were police officers, and as I have always hated the police, I went to his aid. I learned later that the men were members of the Special Operations Unit of the Council. I rode up next to him and told him to jump on behind me. He didn't hesitate a single moment. I then sped up among taxis and buses."


Buffy frowned. "Why were men of the Council chasing him? Did they injure him?"


"They had received the order from the Chairman of the Council, Edward Giles, Rupert's own father, to arrest him and to return him to the compound. He had to undergo a brainwashing, so that he'd become as he was before, a kind and serious student of Oxford. Before he broke under the weight of his studies, his extensive training - both physical and intellectual - of future Watcher and of his fate. Having decided to leave the Council and not to be A Watcher, Rupert left for London. His father naturally, was in disagreement with this decision. He wanted his son to be a brilliant Watcher and later, take his place as Chairman. He thus launched four of his men after his rebellious son. Rupert was injured in an altercation with them. He was stabbed in the stomach, but he managed to escape them. That's when I saw him, a bit further on Blackfriars's Bridge. I brought him to my home then I called my sister Samantha, who was a doctor. When she arrived, Rupert was unconscious…" Ethan's thoughts traveled off in memory, as he recounted the tale…


[Samantha Rayne injected a powerful painkiller to the bare-chested, wounded young man sprawled on the bed of her brother then raised the blanket on his shoulders.


"How is he?" Ethan asked very worried:


"Don't worry, Ethan, he's fine now. The wound's not very deep, but he has lost quite a lot of blood. He's strong and healthy, he should have his strength back in some days."


Ethan nodded. "He's going to stay here, until he feels better. Could you visit him from time to time?"


"Yes, I'll come to see him every noon and every evening." Samantha said by touching the young man's forehead burning with fever. "He doesn't look like a hooligan, rather a student of Oxford or Cambridge. You're sure that those men who pursued him were policemen?"


Ethan sighed. "If these guys weren't policemen, what were they? They wanted to capture him and I'm sure they stabbed him."


Rupert moaned and slowly opened his eyes. He suddenly raised himself on his elbows and took refuge at the head of the bed against which he curled up, looking like a frightened animal.


"Everything is fine, calm yourself." Samantha told him. "We mean you no harm. You are safe here. You remember Ethan?" She pointed out her brother. "He's brought you to his home." Rupert nodded and relaxed. "My name is Samantha, I'm Ethan's sister. I'm a doctor. I looked after you. What's your name?"


"Rupert. I… I have to leave, at once. If they find me here, you'll have serious troubles."


His left hand held against his stitched wound, he got up, wobbled, moaned and collapsed on the bed. Samantha hurried to stretch him out.


"You will not move out of this bed for at least one week!" She ordered him, in a severe tone.


He wanted to stand up. She pushed him on his back.


"Stay here!"


"No! I have to leave I have to leave! I don't want you to have problems." He abruptly became agitated: "Let me leave! Let me go!"


Samantha wasn't able to prevent him from standing up this time and he got up to face Ethan.


"Sorry, mate but you won't go anywhere. You'll stay in that bed. Doctor's orders."


Ethan hit Rupert in his chin using a powerful right uppercut. He knocked him out.


"I think I'll have to tie him down." He said laying him on the bed, slowly.


"By 'THEY'," do you believe he was speaking about the police or about bad people?"


"I don't know Sam. We should have asked him."


Samantha removed the bandage Rupert had on his belly to inspect the stitches. They held. Elise noticed small tracks of stings, injection marks, in the hollow of his right arm.


"Damn! He's on drugs! " She muttered. "How can he destroy himself like this?"


"He may certainly have his reasons." Ethan said.


Samantha looked at him, suspiciously. "You defend him? Ethan, I hope that you're not on drugs. If you are, stop it!"


"Don't worry, Sam, my only drug is the magic. I'm not on drugs."


Samantha sighed in relief.

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