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Dreams Come True by Anne NC-17 (3/3)


* * *


When Ethan entered his bedroom, after having dinner, he was surprised to discover a ball of bluish energy floating over Rupert, asleep on his bed. As soon as he made a step forward, the Guard went to him crackling, threatening. Ethan understood that if he approached Rupert, he would immediately be disintegrated.


He moved back murmuring: "Well! Well! You are a magician Rupert, and you have to be very good to create such a beautiful and dangerous little thing to protect you." He had a wicked grin. "You and I had to meet, mate. Fate has gathered us - or is it the devil? - So that we'd become friends, no, we're brothers."


"Ethan?" Rupert who had woken up murmured. "Ethan, is it you? I need your help. Come."


Ethan grimaced. "Remove your magic bodyguard, first. I'm anxious to stay alive."


Rupert cast a spell then clapped his hands. The ball of blue energy disappeared immediately. Blackness wrapped them. Ethan switched on the bedside lamp.


"Let's see. Something tells me that you're not a novice in magic mate. Am I right?"


Rupert shook his head. "You're not a novice in magic either, Ethan. I can feel your magician's aura. It's powerful."


"Why didn't I feel yours? Oh! You've hidden it!"


Rupert nodded. "They would find me otherwise thanks to it. My aura is as my fingerprints, personal, unique. I also used the magic so that they can't use a location spell to find me. I'm safe for the moment." He stood up and sat down at the edge of the bed. "I need to go to the toilet. I don't think I'm strong enough to go there by myself. Besides, I don't know where the toilets are. Do you want to help me?"




A short time later Rupert leaned against Ethan to pee with a growl of pure pleasure.


"What are you doing up?" Samantha asked, angry, entering the bathroom. "Go to bed!"


Rupert violently blushed and hurried to hide his sex with his two hands. "Oh my God!"


Samantha giggled. "Oh! Your penis isn't the first I've seen, you know! Now, go to bed Rupert."


Rupert staggered. Ethan caught him up before he fell, raised him in his arms and returned him to his bedroom. He lay him down on the bed then Samantha took his pulse. His heart was beating fast and in an erratic fashion. His forehead was hot and he had tiny spasms.


"He's got withdrawal symptoms." Samantha said, her face grave. "He needs to go to the hospital."


"No, they'll find him there."


Rupert slowly opened his eyes and quickly realized his state. Samantha confirmed it to him.


He nodded. "It had to arrive. I haven't injected myself with their drug for more than 72 hours."


Ethan frowned, intrigued. "Their drug?"


"During our training, doctors inject us with drugs, they make us dependent on a substance only they possess so that those who try to escape their fate like me return to the Council when they are dying. Later, they undergo a brainwashing, they're conditioned and they become gentle, docile and obedient. Good little puppets!"


Ethan blinked. "The Council? You're a Watcher?"


"Not yet. I'm in training. No, I was. What do you know about the Council and the Watchers, Ethan?"


"Almost nothing, only that they exist, like the Slayer."


"When I decided not to be a Watcher anymore and to leave the Council, my father who is Chairman didn't appreciate it and he's sent several men of the Special Operations Unit to capture me and to bring me to the Compound, so that I can undergo a brainwashing there and so that I'm conditioned to be a good boy. Never shall I be a Watcher. I choose to die, because it's the only way to escape it." He put his left hand on his heart, which hurt him badly. "I don't have much time left. But I don't want to die here. I don't want to embarrass you with my corpse. I don't want you to be sad."


Rupert got up, trembling. He was dizzy and sick and his legs were like jelly. The blood banged against his temples and his heart was beating hard and painfully against his ribs. Suddenly an enormous hot flush rose to his head and within seconds he was flooded by sweat. He had cramps and cried out with pain before collapsing.


"Rupert!" Samantha yelled, frightened.


Rupert had the feeling that a hand made of steel was crushing his throat. He began gasping noisily, his face constricted, his breath congested, and his chest shaken by spasms. He presented all the symptoms of a respiratory paralysis.

His vision weakened and Samantha seemed distant to him, while she was standing close by.


"Ethan, you're a magician, do something to save him! Cast one of your spells! Hurry!"


Rupert felt the cold gaining his chest bit by bit and he quite slowly felt sliding as if into an abyss.


His breath stopped. ]




Ethan abruptly stopped his story to yawn and to rub his eyes. Buffy impatiently asked him: "Then?"


"Then Sam performed CPR on him and managed to revive him. I then placed him in a "magic stasis" for the time I required to find a way to save his life. I discovered it one week later. Afterward, Rupert and I became very good friends, almost brothers. Sam and Rupert fell in love." He smiled. "We lived together until Sam was killed by a reckless drunk driver 6 months later. She was leaving the hospital, one evening, very late. We've never found that fucking drunken bastard. I never completely recovered from her death… Sam's death destroyed Rupert. He didn't believe in God, in love, in kindness, in justice any more. The "dark side" of his soul took over. He became bitter, nasty, evil. He began with the pleasure of making people suffer. He then had his motorcycle accident and went to Hell."


"I'm really sorry for your sister Ethan. I didn't know you had a sister." Buffy offered, sympathetically.


Ethan poured a little tea in his cup and wanted to drink it but his hand was trembling too much.


"Then, the Council gave up on arresting Giles after you saved his life?" Buffy asked.


"Rupert's mother convinced her husband that Rupert had begun another "rebellious phase " and that he would return to the Council when it ended. But that's not what he did."


"He'd already had a "rebellious phase"?


Ethan nodded. "Yes, in his adolescence. Between 16 and 18 years. He dressed like a hooligan and behaved as a hooligan. He was repeatedly in and out of custody."


Buffy smiled widely. "Really?"


"Yes, for example he'd shown his buttocks to dozens of people on Leicester Square. It was brilliant! In addition, he was Mr. Testosterone. He made love with a different girl every day. He was so cute! And girls were attracted to him as well, because he was bad and dangerous."


Buffy was bewildered.


"He was much more interesting at that time. Once he'd become a Watcher he became dull and boring."


* * *


When Giles woke up, he felt arms encircling his waist and he turned round. He opened his eyes wide with surprise. "Dawn?"


The girl woke up and threw herself to Giles' neck. "Giles! I'm so happy to see you again. Don't leave me anymore, please. Marry Buffy! She loves you! You love her. Everything's perfect. Get married, so that me, you and Buffy can be a family."


Giles blinked twice. "Buffy loves me? Are you sure Dawn?" < Oh God! It's wonderful! She loves me! >


Dawn nodded and exhaled a sigh. "Why do you think she's here? To go shopping… Wow! Great idea! Anyway, she came to say it to you! And to ask you to return to Sunnydale with her."


"Buffy is here?" He jumped up out of the bed and rushed outside the bedroom, nearly falling several times because he was so weak. " Buffy! Buffy! Where are you?"




They violently collided tumbling down by the stairs and landing on their backsides.


"Aw! Awwww!" Giles moaned.


"Hi Giles!" Buffy said crawling towards him, amused. "I've something to tell you, well two things actually."


Giles kissed Buffy, interrupting her. "Yes, you love me and you want me to return to Sunnydale with you. Dawn told me. I love you too, Buffy and yes I'll be more than happy to accompany you to Sunnydale." He smiled broadly. "Dawn wants us to get married, I do too." He knelt in front of Buffy looking shocked and amazed that she was there. He took her hand. "Buffy Summers, will you marry me?"


Ethan made a mocking grimace. "Oh, I'm going to cry!"


"Yes, yes, yes, yes!" Buffy said, radiant.


They kissed each other.


"Oh yesssss!" Dawn exclaimed, very, very happy. "Wouh! Wouh! Wouh! Wouuuuuh!"


Ethan wiped a rising tear. "I am crying. "


* * *


Buffy moved silently into the bathroom of the apartment. Her Watcher was taking a shower. She sat on her heels behind the chair on which he'd carefully folded his clothes and looked at him.


< Buffy, you've already lived this. Yes, that's true, but in a dream. Now, your dream gets to become a reality. Yay! >


Giles turned his back to her. The muscles of his back were thin, firm, and extremely well developed. Just as she' d imagined they would be. He had both of his hands rested against the tiled wall and his head was tilted down on his chest. His eyes were closed and he was breathing slowly. Buffy wondered if he weren't asleep. She purred with desire her glance following the water, cascading from his head to his feet. He had wide shoulders, muscular arms, and lean thighs, narrow hips, round buttocks and well-built long legs. When he stepped back from the wall and turned halfway around, Buffy let out a shout of surprise covered by the noise of the running water. A light mat of curling hair ran from his broad chest in a line downward disappearing into the dark springing hair between his legs where hung the impressive proof of his maleness. Quite impressive!


She felt warmth spreading from her stomach down between her legs and trembled. Giles stopped the water then suddenly saw Buffy who was standing right by him, her glance glittering with greed and lust.


"Jesus Christ! Buffy!" He exclaimed, rushing to cover his sex with his large hands, an embarrassed flush spreading from his chest, up his neck and over his face. "What the hell are you doing here?"


She approached him with a feral grin on her face and caressed the flat stomach, with a circular movement.


"Mmmmmmmm." She purred. "Yummy."


His milky skin was incredibly smooth. She felt she could caress him until the end of time. She stepped over the edge of the bathtub, stood on tiptoe and smelt his neck before licking it, nibbling. Giles moved back next to the chair where his clothes were. Buffy was faster, she took them and using her Slayer strength, tore them one after the other.


"You're going to remain naked, Watcher-mine. You're so beautiful, naked, and so perfect. So sexy, so desirable."


He frowned. "Buffy you're not in your normal state. You-you're a victim of a spell … Willow has.... or perhaps Ethan. "


"There's no spell, Giles. I just love you and I just want to make love with you, for hours."




Buffy giggled. "What? Word-Guy can't find the words anymore?"


She embraced him and pulled him against her. He had a violent start when he felt Buffy's breasts crashing into his chest and he pushed a choked shout when she cupped his buttocks. Buffy rubbed herself against him, sucking his nipples one after the other. She then kissed down the trail of hair to his sex, trailing her hands on down his hips, then on his thighs then towards his almost fully erect, long, thick sex. She encircled it. Giles moaned and when Buffy began stroking him, he closed his eyes and began panting. Buffy saw his cock stand up a little more.


"Mmmm… You are so beautiful, Giles." She stood on tiptoe and kissed his mouth, hard, possessive, savagely, and thrust her tongue in his mouth. He could only moan.


He tried to break away, but Buffy grasped his penis with a feral grin, making it impossible. She began again to stroke him, gently, then, excited she accelerated the rhythm and with her other hand began massing his testicles. Giles' head was on fire, his body bathed with sweat, began rousing frantically, roaring with both pain and pleasure.


" Aah! Buffy, please stop! You shouldn't do that. I… aaaaoooh I'm your Watcher."


Buffy continued to masturbate Giles with a wicked grin to bring him to the edge of ecstasy. When he was close to orgasm, Buffy released his engorged penis and made him put his hands on her breasts. Giles caressed them through the fabric of her blouse roaring like a wild beast. She unbuttoned it, and then made him slide his hands on her bra. Giles breathlessly brushed his fingers over her.


"Yes, you're my Watcher Giles, and you were born and have been raised to serve and to protect me, right?"


"Yes, it's true."


"So-oo, you are at my command, and I can give you orders. Right Watcher-mine?"




"So-oo, I order you to make love to me." She said, rubbing herself against his erection.


He moved back. "Buffy. Don't do that, please. You're, you're a bit like a daughter to me and I... "


She smiled and pressed herself against him as her hands moved lower and cupped his buttocks. "But you' re not a bit like a father to me."


She knelt down in the bathtub, took his penis in her hand and swiped her tongue up his hard length.


"Oh dear Lord!" He breathed when she took as much of his member as she could into her mouth. "Aaaaah! Oh God! Oh God!"


Giles closed his eyes, his mind entirely focused on his hard member and the soft lips that were sliding up and down on it. <That feels soooo good. > He was in heaven.


Buffy withdrew, smiling at her Watcher. "I'm not your daughter, Giles. I'm glad you care for me, but I want it to be clear that you're not my father."


Giles nodded. "Yes, you are not my daughter. It's very clear."


"Now, make love to me! That's an order."


"Yes Ma'am."


Buffy removed her clothes in the wink of an eye. They explored each other's body with their hands, and they kissed each other deeply with passion. They licked, everywhere, and then they hugged tightly wanting to make of themselves only one, a single soul, and a single body.


"You're more beautiful than I ever imagined." Giles whispered, his hands stroking the skin of her golden shoulders.


"Giles I want you inside me."


< Oh God! I just can't believe that I'm going to make love to Buffy! It it's too much! > "Yes Ma' am."


He took Buffy in his arms, left the bathroom and carried her into his bedroom. He spread Buffy on the bed and covered her with his body. He went down a little and, holding his hard cock, placed the tip against her clitoris. He began slowly massaging her with it, and Buffy was quickly hot and wet. She began panting, sighing, waving. He put his lips on her stomach moistening it with small kisses then licked it, as he sucked and nibbled her nipples before stroking the inside of her opened thighs. "Oh God! Giles, stop teasing me. I can't wait any longer!"


"Yes Ma' am."


Buffy let out a hoarse shout when Giles sank into her with a single thrust. She uttered a long growl, feeling filled, invaded. While Giles let Buffy become accustomed to his thickness inside of her, they kissed each other passionately, wildly.


Buffy suddenly wrapped her legs around Giles' back, imprisoning him between her thighs and she clung to his broad shoulders.


Giles giggled. "I am NOT going to go away."


"I'm very possessive. "


Buffy lifted her pelvis and rubbed herself against his penis while she closed her eyes and moaned with pure delight. Giles began to thrust inside her, gently, moving in and out of her almost completely, with all of his length. Buffy moaned at each thrust, increasingly loudly. Giles stopped thrusting several times at the edge of an orgasm, wanting to make love to Buffy for as long as possible. Buffy underneath him was continuously pleasured with his body shaken by her arms and legs moving briskly.


They continued to make love until Giles could no longer hold on. He began penetrating into her faster, stronger, and farther. They moaned and panted together. When he felt Buffy tighten and convulse around him, he thrust a last time, felt his penis stretching out her sex at his maximum and exploding with a hoarse shout before Buffy in turn had a fabulous orgasm.


He withdrew, still hard and made Buffy roll on the side. In this position, he dived into her, massaging her breasts, caressing her hips, her flat stomach and her clammy and muscular thighs. He took her by her hips and began penetrating into her very fast, beating her pubis each time, making her cry out cries of sheer ecstasy. They exploded together this time and remained coupled for a long moment, still shaken by tiny spasms.


Buffy with her slayer strength was the first to recover and turned around so that she was on top of Giles. He was still erect inside of her. She looked at his relaxed face and purred.


"Mmmmmmmmm… Giles, it was magnificent. You really are a God! A sex God! You know, I dreamt about all of this. What just happened, I dreamt it and it came true. It's magic!"


Giles reopened his eyes and looked at Buffy, surprised. "I dreamt about what just happened as well, all of it. Oh! It is magic, indeed. Ethan?"


Buffy shook her head. "No, rather Willow I think. Naturally, with the agreement of the others, especially Dawn. Moreover, I suspect her of being at the origin of this spell cast on us."


"She did well. They did well. You and I we're made to be together, Buffy. You are the Chosen One, and so, to a certain extent, am I. We have been chosen for each other."


"Too true."


She kissed him then slid her hands towards his buttocks and caressed. She felt Giles' penis come to life in her.


"Wow! Mmmmm … Whoa! Watcher-mine … You had never spoken to me about the Watcher strength."


Giles pulled the bedspread over them.


< Ah no! No! > Dawn thought moving back from the door of the bedroom, which she had half-opened. She jumped and almost screamed from fear when Ethan put his hand on her shoulder.


"Tss! Tss! Dawn, it's naughty to spy on people when they make love." The sorcerer said.


"I-I wanted to see how a man and a woman make love. It's not bad. It's biology, the study of reproduction…"


Ethan smiled. "Okay, Dawn, I won't say anything to them. They'd kill me for having left you without supervision. What would you say to letting them make love again and we go do a little shopping?"


Dawn smiled broadly. "And why not a lot of shopping?"


"Right I'm going to write them a note."




Ethan went in his office whereas Dawn went down the stairs. Suddenly the front door opened and a boy of about 16 years entered, a bag on his shoulder. He was wearing a black leather jacket, a white T-shirt, washed-out jeans cut in on the knees and Doc Martens.


"Dad? I'm home!" He said. "Dad?"


Dawn froze. The boy saw her and froze too. He examined Dawn from her head to her feet then his face was illuminated with a wide charming smile. Dawn's heart melted.


< Oh myyyy! He was so beautiful! >


"Hello. My name is Derek. I'm Ethan's son … who are you? And what are you doing here?"


Dawn almost drooled. "Huh?"


"Oh Derek! You're back, good." Ethan said in passing next to Dawn. "Derek, this is Dawn Summers. She's Buffy's sister. Dawn, this is Derek, my son."


"Hi!" Breathed Dawn, blushing.


"Hi Dawn." The boy said, blushing too.


"As you're here, Derek perhaps you could accompany Dawn to the stores. She wants to do some shopping."


"Nobody's going anywhere!" Buffy suddenly said joining Dawn, followed by Giles. They observed the boy with curiosity. He looked like Ethan. "Who is this little Ripper?"


"My son, Derek." Ethan said.


Buffy and Giles were bewildered.


"Your son? I didn't know you had a son, Ethan." Giles said.


Ethan smiled. "Me either, until I returned to London and his mother introduced him to me, just before dying. She'd never spoken about me to him, because I was Ethan Rayne, synonym of a bad and evil man. However, when she knew that she was going to die, she let Derek come to my care by making me promise her I'd be an exemplary father for him. He's a kind boy. He's an excellent pupil and he's also as good and righteous as Rupert."


Buffy grinned. "Now I know why you changed, you had to set a good example for your son."


"Can I go shopping with Derek?" Dawn asked with a pleading glance.


"Yes, you can go Dawn." Giles said. "But be back at 6 pm."


"I promise, thank you-thank you!"


Both young people went away.


"My little sister has just fallen in love and it's with Ethan Rayne's son!" Buffy moaned.


* * *


Dawn threw some cake crumbs to the ducks of Saint James Park then turned around.


"Dawn, look!" Derek said.


A gray squirrel was at his feet and looked at him, waiting for Derek to give him something to eat.


"Sorry, I have nothing to give to you. Dawnie took all of my cakes."


Dawn threw the animal a piece of cookie. The squirrel sniffed at it then went away. He did not like cookies.


"So, where do you want to bring me now Derek?"


"I have to show you Buckingham Palace. It's close. Then, we'll take the tube to Oxford Street. There are great stores there, in Regent Street too."




He held out his hand to her. Dawn took it and blushed when he wrapped her with his arms.


< Mmmm… I like English guys! >


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