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A Thousand Miles by Bek Allen - NC17 - (2/5)

A Thousand Miles
By Bek Allen

Title: A Thousand Miles
Author: Bek Allen
Rating: NC17+… It starts out all sweet, and then, my imagination kicks in.
Summary: Four months after Tabula Rasa, Buffy loves Giles. Giles loves Buffy. Giles is still living in England. Can Buffy's "meaningless noise" show Giles just how much she cares?
Spoilers: None as far as I know. BUT, unless you've never seen season six before, the whole Giles/England thing could be an issue.
Disclaimer: I do not, nor will I ever own Buffy and Giles (bummer) they belong to Joss, UPN, M.E. (Mutant Enemy) and whoever else is on the Buffy Bandwagon. 'A Thousand Miles' belongs to Vanessa Carlton, A & M Records, UMG Recordings, Inc. and Universal Music.
Distribution: Fanfiction.net, Kiwnuck, Bek's Fan Alliance and if it's any good and anyone else wants it, ask first.
Feedback: PUHLEASE? Feedback gooooood. Send any feedback to the following email: nova_bek@hotmail.com. Constructive comments ONLY. No flames, no put-downs.
Notes: This is my first attempt at writing B/G fiction. Please do not smite me if it's crappy. I'll make up for it somehow. I thought a songfic would be an easy way to start. Plus, spur of the moment, yeah, thoughts just seemed to fill my head and wouldn't let me finish my other work before settling down and doing this. Also, big thanks to Sarah (Sera) for beta-ing this and making it readable!

{Song words are between these.} Italics are 'thoughts'.

Fresh Start

A Thousand Miles - Part 2

He was caught in the place between sleep and awake. Where fantasy slowly bled into reality. Things were still too hazy to piece together. 'I won't wake up,' he thought. 'If I wake up, she'll be gone and it will have all been a dream. Just like the others.' He sighed and rolled over, upsetting the body that was draped over him.

He sat upright, almost knocking Buffy from the bed, his face full of alarm. His sudden movements woke her and she smiled up at him. Slowly, she sat up, adjusting her pyjama top before pulling him into her arms and holding him close.

"Shhh, I'm still here. I'm real, not a dream." She looked into his jade eyes, soothing away the panic with soft touches and gentle words.

"B-Buffy…" he whispered, wrapping his arms around her waist and pulling her into his lap. "You're really here."

"Yup." She nodded. "I think you're stuck with me, Giles. Not even The Powers That Be could keep me away from you. It's kismet."

"So…last night…" he looked at the sheets.

"You came home, got surprised, and almost took my head off with a sword. By the way, don't sneak up on The Slayer; it leads to danger. You're lucky I heard you talking to the postman." She attempted to glare at him. "We listened to a song, we danced, I cried, I told you I loved you, then we fell asleep talking here in bed in our jammies."

He smiled and held her gaze, his dark green eyes reflecting the love that shone in her pale green ones. He bent his head slightly, capturing her mouth in a soft kiss. "I love you, Buffy."

"Good, 'cos, I love you too G-Rupert." Her nose screwed up as his first name slipped past her lips, "I suppose that calling you 'Rupert' will take a while to get used to." She smiled and kissed his nose, ignoring his soft chuckle.

"Why is that, dear?" he asked, feigning innocence.

"Because, you're Giles," she stated matter of factly. "Six years of apocalypses, Slayers, Watchers, evil boyfriends, evil mayors and principals, death, Hell Gods, werewolves, demons and vampires, I came to you and knew you as 'Giles'.

"Not Rupert, not Ripper, not Mr. Giles. Just Giles. You are my Giles." She looked at him. "If that made any sense whatsoever."

"Plenty." He held her close. "I missed you so much, Buffy," he whispered. He buried his head in her shoulder, trying to ignore the desire that flooded his body every time she moved or wriggled against him.

She blinked back her tears. The night he had left Sunnydale, she had felt her heart shatter into a million unfixable pieces. When Spike had approached her at The Bronze, she had thought it was because he had feelings for her. She had been taken aback when he told her how his feelings for her had changed, from that of a lover to that of a brother. He thought he had begun to fall in love with Paige, the latest Wicca friend of Willow and Tara. After the shock had blown over, she had made him promise to wait and see if it was love he was feeling for Paige and not just some lust that he had. She didn't want to see him treat her new friend like he had treated Harmony, even though she barely gave the girl a second thought, both before and after Harmony been turned into a vampire.

Sure enough, the two were now a happy couple. Paige had already come to terms with Spike's lack of a heartbeat. Her induction into the Scooby gang had been an interesting one. She had accidentally stumbled into their world of slaying and magic the night Willow came to Buffy's aide at The Double Meat Palace. She had seen Willow run into the darkened store and had followed, hoping that her young friend from UC Sunnydale wasn't in trouble or hurt. Buffy smiled. At least two of her friends were happy.

She smiled as she remembered Willow and Tara's warning to Spike the day Spike announced his feelings for the new witch.

"If you so much as hurt her…" Willow began.

"O-o-or m-make her c-cry," Tara stuttered.

Willow had offered one last threat to Spike. "I have power, Tara has power and we both know how to use a stake."

Everyone in the group was happy now, except for her. Even Dawn had found herself a boyfriend and she had made her promise to keep him out of the Scooby circle. Buffy figured enough lives had been disrupted by her calling; she didn't need to get anyone else hurt. She smiled to herself again. She remembered being sixteen and in love. She also remembered when that love had turned into fear which turned into regret and hate and then finally guilt.

She sighed and looked back at Giles. She would never have to worry about any of that with Giles. She knew that his past would not come back to harm her or her makeshift family, unless Ethan Rayne decided to make a guest appearance back in their lives.

"Are you okay, Buffy?" Giles asked, looking at her.

"Perfect." She beamed at him. "Just hungry and in need of coffee."

"Right. Breakfast it is." He made no move to get up or let go.

"You know, if we are going to have breakfast, one of us is going to have to move." She cocked her eyebrow at him and grinned. "And seeing as I'm on top, I'll move first." She slid off his lap, fixing her pyjamas as she stood.

He silently prayed that she hadn't heard the small groan of disappointment that escaped him as she slid off his lap. "W-what would you like for breakfast, Buffy?" he asked, pulling his robe around him as he stood. 'No point in scaring her off, old man,' he thought.

"Toast or whatever it is you English people have for breakfast." Her eyes travelled over his body noticing how the silk of his pyjamas made his shoulders look broader and the navy blue colour made his green eyes look darker.

"Right. So, porridge, crumpets, scones, tea, and black pudding will do you fine." He laughed as her face turned several shades of green.

"Toast and tea will do fine, thank you." She swallowed and waited for her colour to return. "Evil man." She lunged at him and he caught her around her waist. He kissed her slowly, pulling her against his chest before snickering and walking out of the room. He headed for the kitchen, leaving Buffy to shower and get dressed.

She turned about the room. Yesterday when she arrived, she had been too nervous to look around his new home. She had seen the bathroom, the living room, the entry, and his kitchen. Everything exuded a sense of calm, the complete opposite to the way his apartment in Sunnydale had been. Where his new home in Bath was calm and relaxed, the flat that Giles had called home for almost six years was always full of tension. So many bad things had happened to Giles, to them all. His home had been the focal point of all their comings and goings. Many things had happened in the flat that Buffy wished she could take back and undo.

She sighed and pulled on her fluffy lilac robe. Her shower could wait. She wanted to talk to Giles first. She smiled as she looked into his bedroom. It was big. Bigger then the loft. She turned and headed down stairs, visions of a happy future with Giles dancing in her head. Her shower forgotten, Buffy headed down to the kitchen to help Giles prepare breakfast.


He hung up the phone and turned to stare out the kitchen window, overlooking the small patio and patch of garden. He had set the table and got the things ready for tea and crumpets, and was just waiting for the kettle to boil and the crumpets to pop. He couldn't believe what had happened. In just a short time, he had his slayer returned to him, and then had his heart broken, again, as he left Sunnydale the second time. Now, in less then two days time, Buffy had admitted her love for him.

Buffy smiled brightly as she entered the kitchen. "Need help with that?"

"Hmm? Oh, Buffy," Giles turned, "I thought you were in the shower?" He moved from the window.

"That can wait. I just wanted to, you know, come help my boyfriend with breakfast." She blushed and smiled shyly at him through her eyelashes.

Giles smiled back and moved forward, wrapping his arms around her. He kissed her hair softly before pulling back a little and gazing into her eyes. Working together for five years as Slayer and Watcher, teacher and student, friend and friend, he had learnt to read her emotions just by casting a glance in her eyes. He had come to know how each shade of green that was reflected in her eyes held a different emotion. This time, however, was different.

"What is it, Luv?" He probed gently, brushing a loose strand of hair behind her ear.

"Nothing." She smiled. "Just, too happy for words, and yeah, big case of the warm fuzzies right now and…"

He cut her off with a long, soft kiss. "You were saying, dear?" He moved to switch off the kettle.

"Huh?" she whispered, slightly dazed. "Oh right. Warm fuzzies…I don't want to go home," she rushed on, watching him as he sat down at the table making the tea.


"Yeah 'Oh'. Giles, I flew all the way from Sunnydale to tell you that I love you and want you and need you and can't live without you, and in two weeks time I'll have to go home to Sunnydale and the Hellmouth without you and see? Happiness and Buffy are not mixy things!" She sat down and began to pull apart her piece of toast.

She brushed away the tear that slipped past her lashes and silently down her cheek.

"So, I'm guessing that I did the wrong thing by calling the airport before you came down to order myself a ticket back to Sunnydale?"

"You did what?" She looked at him askance.

"In ten days, we're leaving for Sunnydale. It gives me just enough time to organize the book store, the flat and have my things ready for shipping." He eyed her over the rim of his teacup.

"You're…we're…" She set her toast on her plate.

"Going home." He finished, setting his teacup down.

"Oh my God!" She threw herself at him, covering his face in tiny kisses. Her breakfast now forgotten. "But what about the new store?" She looked at him curiously.

"I know someone who would want to buy me out, the council have used it every now and then for research and, I'll sell it to them this afternoon." He smiled and kissed her slowly.

"And the flat?" She wriggled in his lap.

"The uh, h-house," he replied, trying to resist the urge to take her right there at the breakfast table. "You and I can p-pack the books and clothes t-tomorrow afternoon a-and, oh god, Buffy." Giles moaned softly, burying his head in the crook of her neck as she continued to slowly squirm on his lap.

Buffy giggled softly, "I'm sorry, Giles, you were saying?"

"Hmmm?" He began to nibble and kiss along her throat. "Tomorrow afternoon, pack books and clothes and c-call people to come and…" He groaned as she shifted to straddle his lap.

"Pack the rest of the house?" she asked breathlessly.

He nodded and looked at her, her eyes burning with a desire that he knew was reflected in his own. She smiled shyly at him again as she slid her hands beneath his robe, stroking his chest slowly.

"B-Buffy, we mustn't…" He moaned softly as her nail gently brushed against his nipples.

"Shhh, Giles. Just…I want to show you how much I love you. Please?" She kissed him softly, her hands curling into small fists against his chest.

"I just think we should take it slowly Buffy. I don't want to hurt you and, in the same token, I don't want to be hurt either." He covered her hands with his own and looked at her.

Buffy pouted at him before sighing and nodding. "Okay, Giles. I guess I should go and take that shower now." She pressed her lips to his in a quick kiss and stood up. "I really do love you, Giles."

"I know, dear. I'll come up as soon as you've showered."

She nodded and left the room silently, leaving him to sip the last of his now cold tea in an attempt to quell the desire that had flooded his entire being the moment she had thrown herself at him. He removed his glasses and pinched the bridge of his nose before wiping his glasses with a clean napkin. He froze when he heard the pipes shudder as Buffy turned on the shower. Images of her standing naked under the running water floated through his mind.

"Bloody Hell." He sat his glasses by his plate of uneaten toast and rose from his chair.


Buffy smiled as she looked around the bathroom. She turned on the radio and began to hum along with the end of the song that was playing. She walked over to the large shower, undoing her robe and pulling her pyjamas off slowly. She grinned as she remembered Giles telling her the previous night as they went up to bed that the original owner had been paralysed and found it easier to navigate herself around in a larger shower recess then a normal one and that this last owner had turned it into a shower/sauna by incorporating a long skinny bench along one wall and steam vents in the ceiling and walls.

Too busy thinking about the shower, Buffy didn't see Giles step silently into the bathroom and shuck off his robe.

He smiled as she stepped into the shower, oblivious to his presence. He slowly removed the last of his clothing, a pair of silk boxer shorts with reindeer dancing across them. The boxers had been a gift from Anya the previous Christmas. Giles stepped up and opened the glass shower door. Buffy sat opposite him on the long bench, her eyes closed and a soft moan passing her lips. Her fingers slowly pumped in and out of her pussy, her thumb slowly stroking her clit. He froze. A wicked grin quickly played across his features.

He slid the door shut behind him and moved to kneel in front of her, the hot water beating down on his back. As his hands slid slowly up her long, slender legs, her eyes opened in surprise, and she blushed.

"I-I'm... I can …" She stammered before he leant up and kissed her slowly, his tongue tracing her lips gently, seeking entry into her mouth.

"Shhh, my love," he whispered as he kissed down her throat and chest, stopping to dip his tongue into her navel.

She giggled as his fingertips traced lazy circles on her knees before slowly pushing them further apart. He grinned up at her before dragging his tongue lazily across her pussy, flicking it against her clit.

"Oh God, Giles!" Her hands flew to his head, holding him closer as he drove his tongue deep into her centre, his thumb moving up to grind against her clit.

He felt her muscles stiffen as they wrapped around his shoulders and neck. He looked up at her, "I love you so much Buffy." Her response was a small groan of disappointment as his thumb stopped moving. He chuckled softly and bent his head to her sex again. Sliding two fingers into her slick channel, he began to slowly lick around her clit, relentlessly teasing her.

"Please, Gilesssss, oh god, please…" she moaned loudly. Water and sweat mingled in the heat of the shower as she tugged harder at his hair, pushing him closer to her clit. He groaned as her grip on his hair tightened, her slayer strength forgotten in their moment of passion. He smiled to himself before taking her clit in his teeth and biting down.

Her scream echoed off the ceramic tiles and the glass walls of the shower as she came. Her legs trembled around his neck and shoulders. "Oh God, Giles!" She writhed against him as she continued to climax. He smiled again, licking and sucking at her while she came, his hands gently stroking her hips.

When she had calmed down, he rose and sat beside her, pulling her into his arms. "Did I show you enough?" he kidded as she began to soap up his chest.

"Hmm, nope. Not nearly enough." She smiled and began to wipe his chest down with a washcloth.

"Mm." He smiled softly at her through the steam as he pulled her onto his lap.

"I love you too, Giles," she whispered in his ear before beginning to nibble on the lobe.

"Buffy!" he gasped. She swung around on his lap, pressing her back against his chest.

Slowly, she lifted his fingertips to her mouth. Kissing each one in turn delicately, she then placed his hands on her chest. His look of surprise melted into one of tenderness. He kissed the back of her neck lightly, his fingertips gliding leisurely down to her breasts. Gently, he teased her nipples to a hard peak. He pinched and twisted one before flicking and rubbing his thumb across the other.

Buffy whimpered as Giles continued the assault on her breasts; her hips grinding slowly against his straining cock. Her hands covered his as they cupped and massaged her breasts. She began to slightly buck against him as his hands massaged her breasts firmer. Her lips parted as she felt the head of his cock brush up against her ass.

"Oh God, please, Buffy…" Giles began, kissing and biting down on the back of her neck.

She grinned and reached behind her, turning her head to his. She parted her swollen lips and began to kiss him fiercely. Slowly, Giles slid his hands down to her waist, raising her off his lap slightly. Her hands reached down and she ran her fingers over the tip of his cock, before guiding him in and raising her fingers to her mouth, slowly licking the precum from the tips.

He groaned as she sank slowly onto his cock before raising herself again. He snaked his arm around her waist, holding her to him as he stood up and turned around to have the seat. She bent forward, grabbing onto the edge of the seat, thrusting back against him. His hands resumed their position on her breasts, massaging and tweaking each nipple between his thumb and forefinger.

"Bu-Buffy," Giles moaned as he drove into her. His hand slid down through the nest of dark curls, stroking along her pussy.

"Giles…oh God, Giles!" Her thrusts against him became harder and faster.

His fingertips brushed against her clit, causing her to thrust harder back against him. He moaned as she contracted her muscles, squeezing him, holding him tightly as he drove his cock harder and deeper inside of her.

"Oh God, Buffy," Giles groaned. She could feel him tense up. His breathing had begun to come in short rasps. She was sure she'd have bruises on her hips tomorrow.

"Giles! Please!" She thrust back against him, almost sending them falling backwards. He pinched her clit again, sending her over the edge. As her scream echoed off the tiles again, he came with her.

She groaned softly as he pulled away from her. The water had turned cold, stinging their heated flesh. He pulled her close, kissing her softly.

"So much, Buffy." He sighed, resting his cheek on the top of her head.

"So much what?" she giggled through chattering teeth.

"Love." He felt her shivering beneath him. "Oh God! Buffy. You're cold!" He pulled her out of the shower, turning off the taps as they went.

"Kinda happens, you know, when the hot water runs out." She smiled and reached for a towel. "It was worth it, though." She grinned at him and picked up her robe. "I'm just a little sleepy now." She yawned and gave him a sleepy smile.

"To bed with you then." He laughed as he picked her up and slung her tiny frame over his shoulder.

"Giles!" She laughed as he flung her down on the bed, climbing in beside her.

"Organising things and the shop can wait until tomorrow. We've got ten days before we go home." He smiled down at her as she snuggled up close to him, closing her eyes.

"Ten days…" She wrapped her arms around him and fell asleep, the excitement from the last two days suddenly overwhelming her.

"Good night, luv." He smiled and pulled the blankets around them before closing his eyes and drifting off to sleep.
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