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All I Need is You by Ailie McFarland G (1/1)

TITLE: All I Need is You 1/1

AUTHOR: Ailie McFarland (the writer formerly known as Aixla Chapelle)

E-MAIL: aixla@juno.com

SPOILERS: Picks up where "A New Man" leaves off.


SUMMARY: A warm fuzzies encounter between the Slayer and her Watcher.

DISCLAIMER: I am not the almighty Joss Whedon, creator of the Slayer. Nor am I the WB or FOX (thank goodness)! Therefore I neither created nor own any of the characters in this story.

Anyone who thinks I could cause any real damage with my little story needs a serious reality re-alignment!

DISTRIBUTION: My site www.geocities.com/aixla

Anybody else? Just ask! (If it helps at all, I'm gonna say yes)

FEEDBACK: Please! I need all the help I can get.


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